ReBand…A New School Year, A New Gig

August 28, 2008

Week One: The End is Near

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Well, I’m starting to see the end of week one approaching. Everything has gone pretty well (except for one thing I’ll touch on later). I only have one class of the 6 that really isn’t seeming to catch the vision of wanting to do things well and cooperating. Of course, the other classes could just be in first week of school mode and really crush my spirit later on. Today we worked for about 10 minutes on breathing in the 7th and 8th grade classes and talked about the woodwind family and a little about the flute in the 6th grade. I’ll finish up with the flute tomorrow and maybe even get to the clarinet. I’ve continued to get a lot of council and guidance from fellow band directors which I am continually grateful for. Once thing that bothers me is that no one I’ve talked to is using any type of rubric for instrument testing (the type to decide what instruments might be best for kids). I have the feeling that this is going to come back and bite someone. I just hope it’s not me. (more…)


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