ReBand…A New School Year, A New Gig

August 25, 2008

Day 1

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Well Day 1 is now over. Just like many first day’s this one started off the night before by not sleeping real well. I’m sure I was snoozing by 12:30, but I went to be before 11:00. All and all, better than most years I suppose. I got to school and got some things read and then came the 6th graders. Many questions, but also timid with my class being the first or second of their entire middle school careers. Then came 8th grade. I knew some of them from visits from my last job and I think that I got the message across about my level of expectation. It’s going to be a challenge for me to know where they should really be after not doing MS in this area or for so long. The 7th grade have the most instrumental issues, but common ones. Too many clarinets and trumpets. I’ll take the clarinets, but the glut of trumpets I could do without. Hopefully I can get a couple of baritones or tubas out of them. All in all the ensembles (at least 7th and 8th grade) look to be in pretty good balance shape if I make a couple of adjustments. (more…)


August 16, 2008


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ReBand. ReBand is something that I came up with to describe the process of going from one band directing job to another, often doing something very different from the last job. ReBand is what I’m experiencing right now. I went from being an assistant high school band director in an accomplished band program of over 200 students, to being the band director at a very good middle school in the same zoning district. The district is undergoing some major changes and so am I. For me, the age of students and the type of music is the biggest difference in the teaching aspect. For the first time in my near decade career, I’ll be starting students on band instruments. This is something that I am most excited and most apprehensive about. I am also realizing that I will likely have vastly different time commitments than what I’ve had working in high schools for almost all of my career. I have never sought to work in middle schools, but here I am, ready to start the school year soon working with some very talented 12-14 year olds (and some others) trying to figure their place in the world. I hope that I will be able to help them with that and with music as well.

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