ReBand…A New School Year, A New Gig

October 13, 2008

Trying not to be Bored

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It’s been a little while since I checked in and it seems that everything has pretty much calmed down for the moment, at least as much as it can in middle school.  A routine is starting to set in for the different groups. I’m starting the beginners on the EE2000 book 1 and we’re on #12 after about 12 days. Lots of review, lots of checking to see if pitches are right (and they are not) and lots of checking posture, hand positions, embouchure, etc. I’m hopeful to get to play Merrily We Roll along soon before getting to gasp! half notes. I like that EE doesn’t really start the kids on whole notes that last 4 beats, but instead as long as the director says so. I still haven’t got many of the kids onto SmartMusic. I think it could really help. I miss the art in the music that I have been used to with working high schools. Not that I’d get a lot into music in the HSs at this time with marching band and all, but the monotony of fundamentals is something I am struggling with a bit. I understand that this sounds bad to say out loud (or write) but it’s the way I’m feeling now. (more…)


September 17, 2008

Pep Rally Tomorrow!!!

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Tomorrow I begin my further indoctrination into the life of a middle school teacher. I have my first MS pep rally. The last place that I taught middle school they didn’t have pep rallies because they thought that the kids might riot. I guess that might be part of the reason I’m not exactly pumped up about ours tomorrow. One of the other reason is that there is not a schedule yet. Yep, the thing is tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll have that, you know, BY THE TIME THE THING IS SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN!!! I emailed the cheer coach who is supposedly in charge of this little horror-in-waiting and got a response back that she was working on it. OooooooooooKay. For these things I have to set up the band chairs and stands and get the 8th grade band to play a few numbers while only the cheer coach seems to know what else is going on. I’m honestly not at all sure what to expect from this little event. Hopefully the rest of the day will allow me to accomplish some things. I can stand pep rallies only slightly better than picture days. (more…)

August 29, 2008

Week One: It’s So Over

OK, I’m glad that’s over. An update to my check predicament, bottom line, I fixed it and it looks like I’ll be fine, but I did mess up. In a totally unrelated subject, today I signed and turned in my union membership papers. Last year I went union free as an assistant, but now that I am the head of a program again, I’m paying the fee. It does give a little more sense of security. Most teachers (I’m told) never have to use it, but I have more than once (twice actually), albeit all for non-student reasons and being deemed in the right in both cases. I personally don’t like the whole union idea, but they can be useful. Now back to the first week.


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