ReBand…A New School Year, A New Gig

June 15, 2009

Change, the Only Constant (Re ReBanding)

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Well here I am at the end of this adventure of a year. So much has been changed, so much is new, so much is ahead. Of course it’s been quite a while since I checked in. I had to blow the dust off of the web site and make sure that it still worked. It seems that much is still in order, but as I said before, much needs to be changed as well. First, I’ll concentrate on what the rest of the year was like.

As I look back on my previous posts I’m realizing how long I’ve been gone from blogging. I wish that I had been more faithful in keeping up as, like I said, I’d really like to have record of all that took place and how it all played out. I ended up not taking the band to contest that was working on As Winds Dance. Their behavior in class, their musical progress, and a hitch in their performance schedule all came together to prevent their trip. My other band did go and did fairly well. They did not come back with an overall Superior, braking a 10 year streak (not real pleased by that), but did play pretty well. Most of the issue was (go figure) balance. I don’t really think it came down to them though. I should have been more perceptive as I brought them on stage and caught how things were set up. The way the room was should have prompted me to alter some of my seating arrangement to make sure that my low brass would be clearly heard. As it was though, they were caught inside the curtain area and didn’t carry well enough for the judges to award the group for their playing.

After contest, all the groups got new music to prepare for the spring concert. I chose to do more uptempo popular type of songs as I felt that the groups had gotten a bit overwhelmed with the serious music we had prepared for contest. This is where I really wish I would have kept blogging. I just can’t remember everything that made up the days after that point. We had good and not so good days and grew into a bit better overall band, but specifics that might be interesting are escaping me, at least at the moment. I suppose I should just move on to the next part….the change.

It seems (ok it’s for sure) that I’ll be re-rebanding next year. I will be going back to high school to start a brand new band program at a brand new high school. It’s become quite the challenge to get everything together. The luxourious planning times that I had as  a middle school band was packed with HS planning. So much so that it probably hindered my MS job more than I would have liked it too. I’ll try to keep up to date a bit as I go on.


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