ReBand…A New School Year, A New Gig

November 15, 2008

Playing Catch Up

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Welcome back, did you miss me? I’ve been taking more time to spend with the family and wrapping up some other stuff over the last month so I haven’t taken time to write. I know that when I look back, I’ll regret not journaling about all that has been happening. It’s been a while so here are the highlights, lowlights, all the lights that have been happening in the last month.

Concerts: I gone through a concert with my 8th and 7th grade bands, both went fairly well. Each group played as well as they had practiced, no worse, so I guess there isn’t too much more than I can expect. Our concerts take place in a gym, so all the reverb “mixes” our sounds a little more, sometimes helping with making our mistakes not as noticeable to the average listener. Good things came out of the concerts. I have at least two kids who were planning on quitting at the quarter do a u-turn (one them, one their parents) on that decision. Each is a fairly poor player now, but they are doing better with trying. I got very good comments from parents and administrators overall and only one complaint. The complaint was that some of the band kids who were not playing while the other group was playing were talking. I’m not happy about that, but I’m not surprised either. Oh well.

We had nominations for middle school honors bands at a local college. I opened the nomination process up to any student who wanted to be considered. It was really interesting to see which kids felt they deserved to be selected. I had several students who felt they would really represent us well who had in school suspension already this year. One student who could not spell the name of this instruments. He was a 7th grader in fairness and does play the saxophone (but not the sexophone, like he put down), a word that might be sort of hard to spell. All in all I had the number of kids get in that I asked for and haven’t had complaints about that either. Some hard feelings and disappointments, but no phone calls or email.

There was a Veteran’s Day assembly and two other pep rallies. All went fine, no problems.

As far as beginning band, things are progressing, but I have no idea how well or not well. I’m a about Number 39 in EE2000, good timing as we prepare for a concert. Some kids sound OK, some…not. No real complaints, just some questions about practicing requirements and of course a lot of kids not turning in practice records. Progress reports go out soon so I’m sure that I’ll get some attention from the parents of those students about some grades that are earned.

All and all it’s an interesting time of year. I have no real problems right now and things feel pretty routine. I could use a lot less talking in my 7th grade woodwind class (last period of the day) and better attention in my 8th grade WW and 7th grade brass, but I’m not real suprised about either of those. I’m sure those are fairly common issues. Not ones I would like to have, and some that I will do my best to not have nest year. I am concerned about next year’s 7th graders (this year’s 6th). I just don’t know if they are where they need to be. I guess I’ll learn that through expereince and through collegues giving me their thoughts. I certainly would welcome any thoughts from the internet masses couple who check in on me. Anyway, Christmas concert is coming up soon, hopefully we’ll be ready.


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