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September 23, 2008

All-State Auditions Anyone?

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It’s Tuesday and I am getting some things accomplished. It’s a good feeling, but it is a roller coaster for me. I got all of the things needed to get done on Monday ordering shirts, getting things copied, inputting grades, and answering emails. I also tried to teach a bit. I’m really trying to get the 7th and 8th graders to get a stronger foundation on their rhythmical reading. I using 101 Rhythmic Rest Patterns by Grover C. Yaus with both groups. It was in the library and I have enough copies for a classroom set. It’s working pretty well, but I wouldn’t mind a few more exercises on some of the simpler stuff. Hopefully we won’t be there very long though. I’m continuing to get through the 6th grade testing. I think we can finish by the end of the week…maybe.

Yesterday I finally decided that I did need to get my 7th graders books to use in for home practice and in class. It got to the point where I understood that I just was not going to be able to provide those students with enough material and guidance with my own inexperience with this MS level to allow them to grow the way they have the potential to. I decided to go with Essential Elements 2000 Book 2 for a number of reasons. First of all, I wanted to get something to challenge the students who have largely been bored as we have had to do so much review and reteaching (or just teaching). This series is different than the Standards of Excellence Series that these kids had been working out of. I don’t know which one does a better job or if that is answerable, but in speaking with my collegues, the majority of them feel like the EE series is one that they like. At the same time, the kids that I inherited have usually been thought of as being some of the most well prepared and successful musicians in the area. I just think that they had a really good teacher, certainly better than most, better than me with MSers. I also wanted to give those students who were behind something that they were familiar with. This series is one that they used (although only partway through book 1) where they were last year.

The last thing that I’m trying to wrap up this week is the All-State Audition registrations. Today I had my final day of listening to students who want to audition for All-State. Not surprisingly, in the morning, I had 7th graders who all wanted in…but no 8th graders. This afternoon is when they came it. My 7th graders were so much more prepared and responsible. I’m really disappointed in the 8th graders lack of planning. Don’t get me wrong, the 8th graders play at a higher level for the most part, but no one from the 8th grade showing up before the last day that they could is pretty disappointing. I’d let them know over two weeks ago that this would be the last day, but still they waited. Oh well. I hope they do great, but if they get beat, I hope it’s by my 7th graders.


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