ReBand…A New School Year, A New Gig

August 29, 2008

Week One: It’s So Over

OK, I’m glad that’s over. An update to my check predicament, bottom line, I fixed it and it looks like I’ll be fine, but I did mess up. In a totally unrelated subject, today I signed and turned in my union membership papers. Last year I went union free as an assistant, but now that I am the head of a program again, I’m paying the fee. It does give a little more sense of security. Most teachers (I’m told) never have to use it, but I have more than once (twice actually), albeit all for non-student reasons and being deemed in the right in both cases. I personally don’t like the whole union idea, but they can be useful. Now back to the first week.

Today we played our first notes off the pages…and for that I’m sorry. Actually although it was painful (for volume and lack of skill) at times, it probably took too long to get too. The eighth graders did pretty well in a grade level the same as what was played by them in their festival. The woodwinds did better than the brass (no surprise) and I think that the 8th graders will do very well as long as I try to pick music to hide the trumpets, unless I’m able to help them get better…a lot better…a lot, lot better. I don’t even want to talk about the 7th graders. Let’s just say that it was beyond not pretty.

Today I actually had the chance to check the news on the internet a couple of times. I also realized just how little email goes on in this middle school. I didn’t get more than 4 the whole day. I’d been used to getting 4 before I got to school and those weren’t ones that came after I left the previous evening, but from the morning of. I’m continuing to get my procedures in place and getting all the forms and such in order and I am very much looking forward to having all of that administrivia mostly gone so I can have a bit of breathing room in my planning time. I did have one terrible thing happen today. I forgot the bun for my hamburger for lunch and ended up rocking some Salisbury’s steak. I guess it that’s the worst thing that happened today, I did pretty well. I’m welcoming the weekend.


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