ReBand…A New School Year, A New Gig

August 22, 2008

The Calm Before the Storm

Here we go. It’s the weekend before first day with kids. Monday is starts a new year with students and this weekend I’m taking it easy…mostly. After a week of in-service (which amounted to one faculty meeting, time in the room and 15 hours of open houses). We are apparently ready to start the year. I have done some things to try to prepare for the new things that I have felt unprepared for. I had a few meetings/phone calls with other local ms band directors and picked their brains and materials as clean as I could. Monday shouldn’t be a big deal as I’m sure I’ll be going over rules, procedures, policies, and doing some get to know you stuff. That being said, I am sure that not everything will go as planned. Already I have 2 invoices that have come it from the previous year that will most likely have to come out of this year’s rather small budget.

I still don’t have my handbook done (and therefore not copied or approved). The calendar is close, but I have to work a date change out with my principal and PTSO. It seems that the PTSO usually schedules meetings on the days that the band has their concerts as to draw as well as possible for their meetings. The problem is that the date that I gave for one of the concerts is the first day of All-State for band and I should have a student or two going. Hopefully I can get this changed without much of a problem.

So far I have been pleased with my principal and vice principal. Every decision I have gone to them about has been decided as I would have liked to them to decide it. This is the first year as a head principal for my principal and he seems to be handling himself well. At the open houses he was in the halls a great deal and has been welcoming to new staff and returning staff as well. The vice principal seems to handle things well too.

I’ll be going into school on Sunday to try to get my first period materials copied and perhaps catch my principal about the concert date change. After that we’ll start school on Monday for a full first week of school. I’m excited and interested to see how I’ll like this new change. I know I’m in a better frame of mind than one of my coworkers who reminded me on Thursday that we only have 182 days of school left.


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